Friday, April 10, 2009

Outdoor Advertising

Trade shows aren’t the only possible method to promote products and attract customers. The basic idea of marketing a product is to make your way into the heart and mind of various prospective customers so as to increase your brand value. This can be done when you have a detailed marketing plan backing your efforts to promote your products. Outdoor advertising is the de-facto method to promote any product if you are serious about creating your brand value.

We, at Exhibe Corporation, excel in creating expert outdoor advertising plans that will attract the most number of possible customers. Our outdoor signs are designed after intensive planning and heavy market research so that prospective customers get to see what they are willing to see. We also posses number of samples for sidewalk signs, outdoor signs, and outdoor banner stands thus making your job of selecting the best a lot easier.

We assure you total assistance during the course of promoting your product and everlasting satisfaction in terms of time and money even during the harsh global crisis.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Marketing in the Great Outdoors

Witnessing failure in your marketing techniques? It’s time to explore the great outdoors of outdoor marketing.

No matter how awesome your product or service is, it is important that the thing you are promoting is visible by people so you can not only make sales, but also help others benefit from the things you are selling and that in turn makes everyone happy. A lot of businesses marketing strategies are focused on marketing online or in newspapers and other publications, but people don’t stay in doors every day.

People are outdoors driving or walking from place to place, creating an untapped opportunity for outdoor display marketing. High traffic areas are idea for outdoor display marketing. Keep in mind on how busy the streets, sidewalks and stores are in proximity of your business. If the opportunity presents itself put up an outdoor banner stand or sidewalk sign that draws the attention towards your business. Be proud of your business and don’t be afraid to promote or sale your self to potential clientele.

Remember outdoor marketing gives you the chance to bring your promotions towards large crowds and hopefully in return boosting sales.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Table Top Displays – The Easy Display Solution

As the name suggests table top displays are the compact way to display your products and its details during any trade show. The advantage with trade show table top displays is that they are compact in size and extremely portable. These displays will fit in your allotted booth display area.

Trade show table top displays are available in varied color schemes and hence this makes it easier for you to match them with your company’s colors or existing exhibiting materials. You can display your company logo on them plus you will get plenty of space to display any product as per your requirements. You can accessorize your display with graphics, shelving and lighting. You can even go as far as purchasing branded tables throw with your logo.

Personally my favorite display on the market is the Showmax table top display. In my opinion these are one of the best exhibit displays in the industry. The Showmax is all-in-one briefcase style display that literally folds into a shipping case with wheels. In addition the display houses the lights and graphics. All you need to due is simply open up the display on the table and place the lights on top, and you’re ready to go

Friday, November 28, 2008

Use the Advantages of Outdoor Advertising to Drag Customers Towards Your Store

People can switch channels whenever advertisements are displayed, people can turn off radio whenever their favorites programs are interrupted by various advertisements and people can turn pages of a newspaper if they see full page ads but people look for interesting outdoor signage whenever they are stuck on some traffic jams. While driving you will surely try to ignore various outdoor advertising banners but somehow you will take the glimpse of those ads from the corner of your eye. This is when properly design graphical outdoor displays can do the magic.

Remember that images are easily absorbed by humans and text takes some time to absorb. This is why it is suggested that you include least amount of text in your outdoor displays and include graphics which conveys your message without confusing the viewer. Be rest assured that if your outdoor signage conveys your message clearly without being confusing then the viewers will surely visit your store. In addition graphics should be used outside your store front to display any sale or promotions you running. The outdoor sidewalk signs or outdoor banner stands are great for these types of outdoor sale promotions.